Know your sandals

Don’t fit?

The big toe come very fair or out of sole…

The big toe comes very fair

If your big toe comes very close to the front of the sandals keep in mind that, taking them, your foot will move in a short time back 5mm.

The big toe comes out of the sole

If your big toe sticks out means it’s not your size, you should choose a higher one.
Contact us to change them.
Remember: you can the return if you have not used the sandals.

Wash your sandals once in a while?

Yes, it is advisable to wash the sandals from time to time, this allows us to maintain the hygiene of our feet and remove a layer of dirt that is usually done after a few weeks or a few mountain walks. Washing them is very simple, the sandals are totally waterproof, you can put them under the tap with a little soap and if you want to help with a brush.

Replace elastic cord

Replace elastic cord in 3 minutes. Follow instructions in the next video.

Replace broken elastic cord

It can happen that rubbing the sandal a lot, especially in rock, the cord breaks. Normally this does not happen because the point of support is a little higher, even so what to do if this happens?

In the immediate: it is an elastic cord, tie a knot and follow, maybe you will tighten a little more because of the knot. Be careful not to lose the rubber ring.

How to replace it:

  1. Buy the spare cord, or you can buy it in any haberdashery, it has a cost of a few euro, it is a 3mm elastic cord.
  2. The cord should be of the following measure:

Size 40: 32cm
Size 41: 32cm
Size 42: 32cm
Size 43: 36cm
Size 44: 36cm
Size 45: 36cm


Note: the only difference with the fact for us is that you would not have the small coverage of the knot. You could solve it by buying an 8mm thermo-retractable tube.

Change color elastic cord

How to replace it:

  1. Ask us for the spare cord or if you have yet a spare parts follow instructions in the next video.

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