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Return and change size policy

Can I return sandals?

Yes, of course, if you haven’t used the sandals. If you have bought the kit and don’t like something about it, you can ship it back to us and when we receive the sandals we will return the money. You only pay the shipping cost for delivery and return.  Contact us for more info.

Can I change size?

Yes, of course, if you haven’t used the sandals. You can ship it back to us and when we receive the sandals we will send you the new size. You only pay the shipping cost for delivery new size and return old size.  Contact us for more info.

General questions

What is the Nörd Republic?

We are a new brand concept that emphasises on the individual, respects the environment.  And plus all the products are hand crafted in Spain or Italy .

How long does the delivery take?

It depends on the shipping provider you choose on buying your sandals. Usually it takes 24h in Spain and 5-7 days in EU workdays. However, as all sandals are handmade, it might take a little longer in case we have many requests.

Do you sell ready made sandals?

Yes, we sell them already hand-crafted.

Can I pay by card?

Sure, we use PayPal which allows you to pay with your PayPal account as well as by cards like MasterCard, Visa and so on.

Do you ship worldwide?

Nop actually we ship in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Holland.

Questions about Nörd sandals

Can I get them wet?

Sure Nörd is waterproof! But if you buy Skin version it better not to get them wet. Skin and water are not good friends.

Can I use Nörd sandals in any terrain, whether it's city, mountain or sea?

Each Nörd sandal is handmade using high quality resistant materials of well-known brands such as Vibram® and Ironman® allowing for an ample usage in different terrains. However, the sandals are designed for a feel-free walk, hence the user must be aware that their feet will be unprotected from rough impact or blows from external elements like stones, rocks, branches, street furniture, etc. Likewise, the user must be aware that the sandals provide a strictly necessary support that is sufficient for walking freely. The user must also make a reasonable and responsible use of them, taking into account the different terrains to be used on, whether walking or running.

Will they not be too low?

Walking with the Nörd is walking barefoot but with the foot protected by a technical sole like the Vibram© used for high-end mountain shoes.

Are they comfortable?

The sandals are made with a 5mm Vibram® sole. It is a very different way of walking, it’s almost like as if you were barefoot but with your feet protected. We were the first to test them during two years and they appeared to be realy comfortable. Once you try them, it is really hard to get back to normal rubber sandals.

Many athletes runwith 5mm minimalist sole sandals today to have a better grip with the land, like it was done in the past before trainers were introduced.

The 5mm Vibram® sole is very resistant, although one should consider that it doesn’t have the same cushioning as normal EVA soles. So, if you are looking for some super cushioning, NÖRD isn’t the right choice for you.

I find it weird walking in the sandals, is it normal?

Yes, totally. Everyone will tell you that it takes some time to get used to Nörd  sandals (the same goes for running sandals). Your body needs some adaptation time. In our case, it took about two or three days walking around with the sandals on almost all day to get used to the 5mm soles. But, of course, it may vary from person to person.