You are Nörd


NÖRD is a shared vision of an Armenian and an Italian. An exotic alliance that created a new way of looking at things; brand new worlds and new solutions. After two years of research and investigation they were able to transfer their knowledge of techniques from dozens of cultures onto products of high resistance and aesthetic value.

Imperfect, just like you



NÖRD is the art of creation with individuality.

Exclusive. Like you

Sandals are identified with their wearer. A sign of your whereabouts.


You can buy ready-made products created by NÖRD masters, or create your own ones guided by the community. We like unconventional people.

NÖRD. So handmade.

All our products are 100% handmade. You can never find another identical item. 


Send us photos of your trips with your NÖRD sandals. Join the community and we will publish them in our blog. Share with us and the NÖRD world the moments that make you who you are.

Sandalias minimalistas Nörd Road Trip Nörd around the world
January 1, 2019

Road trip Nörd Valencia – Rome

The first stop on our journey will be Cadaques with our minimalist sandalias Nörd. Check out our adventures in the Natural Park right until  Far del Cap de Creus. A gorgeous place where…
Sandalias minimalistas hombre Nörd Road Trip Nörd around the world
January 1, 2019

Nörd Road Trip Valencia – Rome: stop in the Provence

On our journey to Rome we took a break to indulge in the wonderful Lavender fields in the Provence in France. A must-do in this area in the middle of…
Sandalias minimalistas hombre Nörd Road Trip Las Alpes Nörd around the world
January 1, 2019

Italian Alps with Nörd

On our road-trip Nörd passing through the tunnel of Mont-Blanc that took us to Italy where Valle d'Aosta was waiting for us. Minimalist sandals for men Nörd Road Trip The Alps Once…


We support a tree planting project. A part of benefits from every sandal goes to the association “Reforesta” that is dedicated to this cause.

Live Nord


Even though one of their common uses is running in extreme environment, NÖRD sandals do not exclusively belong to the runners’ world. They can be for adventurers, the curious, the impulsive ones as well.

NÖRD sandals are the base of our adventures. They are minimalist and look for the essence, yet they carry us everywhere. It’s size is minimal, as well as its weight. You can even keep them in your pockets and put them back on whenever you fancy.

The flat 5mm sole allows us to walk freely as if we were barefoot, protecting our feet in a disguised way. The design provides an excellent grip with any surface.