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Cleaning well our Nörd sandals contributes to a better maintenance and durability of the product. That is why they need to be taken care of. The Nörd sandals can be simply cleaned with soap and water with no concern. Since they are designed to be worn on the move, they are extremely easy to maintain, so you can do it anywhere.

Any kind of sandals tend to accumulate sweat particles on the sole, either organic or inorganic. For hygienic reasons it is recommended to wash them. It is also advisable to wash them if you feel they smell bad due to natural sweating of the feet.

Leave the sandals in the water for a while and rub the foot face with a little soap to clean any dirt. If the dirt doesn’t go away with just a rub, try using a brush. The laces can also be washed. It is advisable to wash them when we feel that there are too many particles that can damage our sandals, as well as dust or dirt.

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