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Good news, with Reforesta association we plant new life 🙂

Area: Mount of Public Utility no24, “Pinar de La Barranca”, in the municipality of Navacerrada.

It is a very extensive mountain, which has a wooded part and a bare part; Reforesta began reforestation work in this enclave in 2013.

Reforestation has developed in the wooded area, where the original populations of oak, holm oak and other species have disappeared initially due to their felling and, later, to the lack of a seed bank (standing trees) for their regeneration. This situation has facilitated the spontaneous expansion of the pine forest and at present it is difficult to establish native shrub and tree species. For this reason, Reforesta is betting on reforestation of biodiversity, with the planting of holly, a species included in the Regional Catalog of Threatened Species of the Community of Madrid, and other accompanying species.