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Today we want share with you a not so famous but very beautiful country, Uzbekistan.

Located in the natural beauty of western Asia, Uzbekistan is a country that has a blend of cultures and the charisma of nature. The exclusive architectural beauty and a hospitable environment make it one of the best places, one would ever want to visit. If you are willing to go on a trip to a destination, which is less explored, then Uzbekistan is the one.

If you are willing to know the best time to admire the beauty of its rich landscape and charming architecture, then this article is here to help. You will get to know what is the best time and places along with other essential things to make your trip to Uzbekistan perfect.

Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan

The best time of the year, when you can visit Uzbekistan is between April to May and from September to November, the first week. The conditions during these periods are comparatively dry and warm, which is not very hot as compared to the ones found during the summer season.

Though, if you are willing to explore the winters, then visit it between the end of November to March. The landscape during this period is in full bloom and certainly clear yet very cold. Also, between November and March, you can enjoy the most serene atmosphere as the country and its people dive into the peace of natural surroundings.

Places To Visit

Now, comes everyone’s favorite part, the destinations.  Well, Uzbekistan has a lot of places you can and must-visit.

Here you can find the top 4 picks:

  1. Tashkent: The capital city is full of cheerfulness and modern systems. The Chorsu Bazaar and soviet architectural buildings are the best things to visit over here. On your visit to Tashkent, don’t miss to see the Amur Timur Museum, Hotel Uzbekistan, which is constructed in Monolithic style along with the exquisite Teleshayakh mosque.
  2. Samarkand: There you go to a place that has impressions of historical richness along with a breeze of peace. Once part of the silk road, this city has a sense of magnificence. You can simply roam around the old buildings embracing the powerful past it prides.
  3. Bukhara: Uzbekistan has this another city situated near the Silk road. The historical background gives this city a charming appeal through ancient buildings. If you are a fan of exceptional architecture, then spending a day would be a great choice in Bukhara.
  4. Khiva: This the hub of tourists, thanks to the captivating architecture and ruins. Most of the tourists live to spend time in the Itchan Kala, which is the inner part of the city. Other magnificent buildings in Khiva are Kalta Minor Minaret, Tosh-Hovli Palace, Islom Hoja Minaret, and Toprak Kala.

How To Travel?

It’s obvious to think about how to travel on your trip to Uzbekistan and not miss the charismatic beauty of surrounding places. So, the rail network in Uzbekistan is quite elaborate and connects amazing places like Samarkand and Bukhara easily. You can enjoy the natural beauty while traveling through trains. Or if you are on a tight schedule, then get a taxi for a quick and comfortable traveling experience.

So, these were some interesting things about planning a trip to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a country that is not just famous due to amazing landscapes or architectural beauty, but also due to heart-warming hospitality. On your visit to Uzbekistan, do not miss the exclusive food and welcoming gestures from the locals. Plan your tour today and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.