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Today for the #perfectlyimperfect #peoplelikeyou campaign, we interview a new Nörd Ambassador Kelly Geudens.

Kelly Geudens, Fitnesstrainer, manual therapist, life coach, 3d Belgium champion in ice skating (9 year old, long ago) finished the run against nature (it’s local games) 2 times 5 and 4 years ago.

 I dont think perfection exists… but I am a perfectionist, very demanding on myself. Very sensitive and spiritual. I always give 200%. I figured out that I only want to do what I really want and love. And that’s how my life will look like in the future. To become the best and complete version of myself.

How long have you been doing what you do?
I’ve always been into sports my whole life. I’ve been a fitness trainer, coaching and manual therapist for 4 years now. I was an account manager for 8 years. Too boring.

How did you start out? Who helped or encouraged you to?
My parents always supported me in everything I did. I was a very active kid. I started working as an account manager, lost track in sports and felt down so I changed my whole life 5 years ago. I’ve met some crazy smart people who helped me out, and still do, in what I’m doing.

How many hours a day do you dedicate to your activity?
For myself I think around 20 hours in movement a week. I train people, give lessons also like HIIT training, personal training, spinning classes and more. I’m a morning person so coffee or tea first, then I spend mostly 2 hours training (5/7am or 6/7am) a day. I take 1 or 2 days total rest. I do strength training, mountain bike, downhill, trail running and easy running, snowboarding, crossfit and things like this.

Do you follow any specific diet? (for sportsmen/athletes)
Yes I try to figure out what’s best for me, I’m vegan and this works very well. In October there will be a DNA test coming out in Belgium (expensive) but I’m thinking over it. This DNA test will give me correct information on how I can eat and train to become a better sportsman and human for myself. I had cancer when I was 17, and I’ve lost my thyroid, so I notice my body reacts very differently to food, emotions and sports.

What do you think is the key to perfection in what you do?
I am a perfectionist, very demanding on myself. Very sensitive and spiritual. I always give 200%. I figured out that I only want to do what I really want and love. And that’s how my life will look like in the future. To become the best and complete version of myself.

What were the toughest moments in your career/activity?
In my career as an account manager I worked too hard and left myself aside. That didn’t go well; I started to burn out, really losing myself and working like a horse everyday. Good for the money, not good for yourself though. So I felt really down and that gave me the insight to change my life 180 degrees. I can feel that I’m at the strongest I’ve ever been in my life and becoming even stronger.

Can you tell us an anecdote related to your activity/career or funny/weird/dangerous things that have happened to you?
I have tons of stories as I can be an idiot sometimes and then things happen to me. But hey, that’s life you know. I broke my shoulder on the same side 2 times in 8 months last year doing snowboarding, the hospital couldn’t believe it and thought I just wanted to see the handsome doctor. A sport doctor fixed it all very well btw 😉

If somebody asked you how to get started in what you do, what would you answer?
Just follow your heart, be a good human, be good to yourself. If you really want something, things will come to you. Don’t shut your eyes, open them and see the beauty mother earth has given us.

Money-wise, is it an activity for everybody? Could you unveil a little approximately how much one has to have in mind to start doing it?
Everything I do costs shit loads of money. Now I try to fix this in the best way I can. Corona got me unemployed so that makes it a bit difficult now because I have to pay for courses and classes and equipment. Snowboarding, downhill and mountain biking are expensive because of the materials. I’m a happy person and can live with less, I try to not be too materialistic. The only thing is we live in a place where materialistic things overpower our lives. If I could, I would live in the forest with almost nothing.

What do you think were your biggest errors in your practice that you would never do again?
Lack of knowledge on pre workout for running, mountain biking, or any kind of sport. I’ve got someone teaching me now. Wow what a world of difference! I’ve got lots to learn but I’m progressing everyday as the human body is so wonderful and you’ve got to try it out and see what small changes can do to you.

Can you tell us what your typical day is like?
I wake up around 7 or 6am depending if I have to train people (twice a week at 7 I train a couple for one hour), first matcha tea and coffee, I do 16/8 fasting so no eating in the morning. Then I train for 1 or 2 hours, then eat, read and study a lot. I also treat people in manual therapies. Work in the gym in the evenings. Teaching, classes, treatments and so on. Weekends are off or I go to classes myself, 1 or 2 day of rest and 1 day of very long training such as running or biking.

Tell us about your most exciting accomplishments/proud moments.
I’ve got a lot, because I’ve learned to do things by myself not others. So everytime I learn a new trick in snowboarding or downhill or mountain biking I’m proud. Same with barefoot running; everytime I push myself a little bit further and then I feel proud that I survived. The places where we run with the sandals are difficult for people with dysfunctional shoes. (that’s why I need thicker soles, rocks put to test the sandals. So, much recovery is needed afterwards as 1 week or longer, sometimes no running.

What is the path to perfection in your opinion?
I’m always a bit hold when the word perfection comes in. I dont think perfection exists. I prefer to think like make sure you’re a happy person who can see and feel nature’s beauty. So my path is to become a better version of myself, to feel happiness everyday without material things.
E.g.: Dedication.

And how about your imperfections?
Same story here, you have to work everyday to become the best version of yourself for yourself. You are who you are, mother nature created you like you are. Now it’s up to you what to do with it.

So what I like about minimalistic shoes is the connection with the place that created us. People are getting fat and wearing dysfunctional shoes and don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their body (same with me, I’ve got fucked up feet because of famous brand shoes and other useless shoes). I have to restore myself now and make sure that my base (feet) become strong again that will affect my whole body as I can see already since I’m wearing barefoot shoes.


* Extra questions

-What makes you wake up every morning and look forward to the day?
The beauty of being alive. The beauty of doing things that can affect other people without pushing yourself in difficult situations where you don’t want to be in. Inspire people.

-Do you have a definition for success?
Yes; If you become the best version of yourself, you will light the fire in other people who are interested and a small piece of the world will light up again. We can make it better together.

-What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt so far?
First yourself then you can make other people happy. If you are not happy then other close related people won’t be happy either.

-Do you have a piece of advice for people who want to find their passion/dream job?
Follow your heart, don’t stay with people who don’t support you in what you do. Try to understand that you’re not independent from others, it’s you that have to accomplish what you want. You’re the only one who understands what you really want. Search for the right people; this can change during the years, keep the ones who give you a good base to evolve.

-What are your hopes for the coming future?
To inspire people as much as possible to become more human again and make the best version of myself. Find peace, rest and happiness in life instead of being scared of the government eagle eyes who are taking away human nature.