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Something that always strucks in Bali, is monkeys. They are around Uluwatu and also in the Monkey Forest in Ubud where you can find quite a big population.
In Uluwatu, you can see a bunch of them rambling near Uluwatu temple. You have to be careful cause those little things can steal your stuff and they have also learnt to exchange them for goods. Which is pretty impressive.
At some point we saw a kid running after a monkey trying to get his flip-flops back. Good luck with that! That won’t happen with Nord, cause you can secure them on your feet. The monekys would have to try really hard 😀
And in Ubud you can go to the Moneky Forest which is what it ways, a forest full of monkyes. There are a bunch of colonies and they aren’t exactly shy. They could easily jump on your back trying top unzip your bagpack and steal a banana. They can also bite, so be careful. You’ll be fine if you give them some bananas though.