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Last summer we went on a trip to Bali; backpacking, sandals and discovering Indonesia. It’s not a secret that this island is like a paradise destination. However we wanted to avoid the beaten track and rented a scooter to ride in the inlands which were far less crowded. We were struck by the beauty of the landscapes, culture and traditions.

Here we tried our new 2018 Bali collection.

We started off in Uluwatu, in the south of the island. This was quite a touristic area and we went on to explore the famous beaches, heading to Bingin Beach first, a calm and beautiful beach.

And our Nörd sandals came along obviously.

And a coconut of course 😀

After visiting the Uluwatu temple and getting a general idea of what it is to ride a scooter on the island (can get pretty crazy), we headed to Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali (and that of monkeys).

We met some very naughty monkeys (also near Uluwatu temple) in the Monkey Forest.

We also tasted something amusing let’s call it (it might be touristic, but was fun); The Luwak coffee. Luwak is a furry little civet that eats coffee beans and then poops them out whole which are later collected, cleaned thouroughly (hope so), then ground to be made into a Luwak poop coffee!

Our path was then headed to Gili Islands, which belong to Lombok, a bigger island near Gili. Here we saw like zillions of different fishes and, behold, a giant turtle! A turtle! If you are looking for a quieter island among the three, go to Gili Meno.

So after Gilis, we went back to Bali to explore the Besakih area and Agung, the volcano. We also went to some local night markets.

But wait, more is coming in next articles!