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A road to Caucasus, Tbilisi

By February 26, 2021April 7th, 2021Asia, The world is beautiful

On our trip to the lands between Europe and Asia, we visited Georgia and Armenia.

Old town with cobble stone streets, decadent and nostalgic houses

Today we’ll see Tbilisi, a charming old town with cobble stone streets, decadent and nostalgic houses.

Tbilisi Nörd

Tbilisi Nörd

Tbilisi Nörd

The city

It’s a very bright city with lots of colours and vibe. It is pretty modern but you can also wander around the old center which local authorities have been trying to restore. Food is really great, can be quite spicy, so if you are a fan, you’ll love it.


Try khinkali, a traditional meat dumpling, various “shashliks” (shish kebab), rich soups and much more. Don’t miss Ajarian Khachapuri, and in general, all khachapuris, made with delicious local cheese.

Tbilisi Nörd

Tbiilisi Nörd

Georgia is famous for its wine, you can do wine tours and tasting events.There is a cable car in the city, quite fun if you want to have a glimpse of the city from bird view.


Just some kilometers outside the city, you can visit Mtskheta, one of the oldest towns in Georgia (a UNISCO World Heritage site). We really enjoyed the views of the mountains and of course, some delicious dishes like eggplant with walnut sauce, satsivi and unmissable khachapuris.

If you have time, go to the north and visit Stepantsminda where you can climb (or get close to) Mt. Kazbegi and on the way enjoy an astounding panorama from Gergeti Trinity Church.

Tbilisi Nörd

Tbiilisi Nörd

Overall a great trip if you love new and surprising places.

Where to find more information

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