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Leather market is a multibillion business throughout the world and many people are concerned about its environmental (and ethical) impact. So instead of much talking, these two Mexican men came up with an innovative idea to find a sustainable alternative for traditional animal leather.

The two guys have a cactus plantation and they harvest their own produce. They “trim” the mature leaves, wash them, mash them and dry in the sun. After adding non-toxic chemicals, they process them into cactus leather that pretty much looks like the genuine one.

They already are various products such as bags, purses, shoes, but only only fashion industry. You can get a cactus leather car seat, and many other products.

What’s great about this new sustainable products is that it is partially biodegradable and doesn’t contain plastic unlike many other faux leather.

It can last up to 10 years, so it is pretty durable. As for the price? The guys say it’s on par with genuine leather, so it has a say in the market in terms of viability. The two entrepreneurs have created a network to produce more cactus leather for an increasing demand for leather alternatives. Let’s hope that pretty soon it will be easily available for companies to produce sustainable fashion.

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