Minimalistische Sandalen Nörd Corsair


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Model:#M21. Nörd Corsair is bedacht voor hardlopers, die grip willen hebben op elke centimer van het land.

Vibram, Waterproof, Magnet system
Handmade by artesans in Spain&Italy
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Thanks to their 5mm Vibram® sole, incredible flexibilityresistance and lightness, as well as the anti-slip system Ironman®, you can run as if you were barefoot.

Great for flat lands or mountains. Sandals that are complete from the technical point of view, and at the same time offer a minimalist design with a focus on details.
All the materials are high end. The sandals are completely handmade.


Thickness: Vibram® 5mm
In our quest for quality, we opted for the most famous sole in the sector. Vibram® 5mm, light yet extremely resistant, that provides a better grip with ground and more durability*.

Laces: Nörd Lock System®
It took us a while to figure out which closure system to apply on this sandals. We wanted something minimalist with an aesthetic design while selecting the most resistant materials.
We also opted for the ease in the use and the option for washing and to disassemble some parts for replace if necessary.

*natural wear and tear will occur depending on the use and ageing of the product.


Does the cord hurt?
One of the first questions we are asked. Even if it might seem so, it doesn’t because it is elastic.


Ze zijn geweldig om uren te dragen en op te lopen. U vergeet zelfs dat u ze aan heeft. Nörd biedt zachte pasvorm, alhoewel extreem comfortabel. Het was een beetje moeilijker om het juiste bevestigingspunt te vinden van de riemen vergeleken met andere huaraches. Sommige deden mijn voeten weken pijn, andere lieten markeringen achter. Met Nörd voelde het als een directe pasmaat.


Pros: It was the first time I was wearing 5mm soles, and it took me a couple of days to get used to them. Now, it actually feels strange to wear other cushioned shoes. Forget about super cushioned sandals; this is not the case, more like walking barefoot. I was already familiarised with this type of sandals and these were my first ones. At the moment they feel very good.
Cons: The shipping costs are a bit high but I bought replacement cords and the shipping was free.

Annes Y.Buyer

Pros: Sandals with very nice aesthetics, super minimalist, actually the most miminalist I've found. I don't run in them, it's more for travelling, hiking and especially for summer in the city.
Cons: Nothing

Massimiliano C.Buyer

Pros: The support was the best. They answer via whatsapp or email. I had to change the size and they provided an excellent customer service. 10 for support!
Cons: I recommend printing the sole and measuring really well, because the shipping cost for changes is on the buyer.

Carmelo A.Buyer

Pros: Really nice aesthetics. Super comfy, doesn't rub against the instep thanks to the elastic cord.
Cons: nothing

Kay S.Buyer

Pros: Despite the 5mm soles, the sandals are very comfortable, feels like walking barefoot but your feet are protected. If you change the elastic cord from time to time, they can practically last forever.
Cons: nothing

Thomas H.Buyer

*Onze productfoto’s die u op de website vindt hebben advertentiedoeleinden en de mogelijke risico’s zijn ingeschat door specialisten.Het gebruik van Nörd sandalen is de verantwoordelijkheid van de gebruiker, of het nu in de stad is, de bergen of aan zee. De gebruiker dient slim gebruik van ze te maken en er rekening mee te houden wat voor soort sandalen dit zijn.

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Laces color



Vibram® 5mm

Webbing color


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