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1. When buying the product, the client understands and assumes that:
They have read the Return and size/model change policy, and is fully aware that in case of returns or changes of size and/or model the client is in charge of the total of shipping costs.
Each Nörd Sandal is handmade with materials of high quality and resistence of reputable brands such as Vibram® and offer a sensation of free feet. Being artisan products, the sandals can have slight differences across sizes, notwithstanding they have been created according to exact measures for each size which does not affect in any way the quality of final products but which supposes that they might not be identical.
The use of any of the Nörd sandals is up to the sole responsibility of the user whether it is in city, mountain or sea. The user should make a reasonable use of sandals understanding and adjusting the use of latter to the type of shoewear that these are.
– NÖRD sandals are not medical and/or orthopedic.

2.I understand that the life of the elastic cord is limited and I can replace it. The duration depends on the use and the way to walk. The average duration is 3 months but could be less depending on use. *
3. The delivery service doesn’t realise any shipping on Saturdays or Sundays. Buying the sandals before 12:00pm, the product can be handed to the delivery service the same day.
4. The terms, conditions and the privacy policy of the page can be found here.
5. You have to be over 18 year old to complete the order.