The difference between the models #M20 and #M21 is the black synthetic lining, elastic cord attachment and the FastReplace system.

More resistance

Our new #M21 model features a new solution to the wear and tear of the elastic cord improving resistance.


The challenge was to keep the 5mm sole and manage to find a support to reduce cord tear. This new system allows for a more resistant cord grip at the same time being invisible and silent.

FastReplace system

The #M21 features a new FastReplace system which allows you to change the elastic cord even more easily.

Spare parts, elastic cord Black

The difference between the #M20 and #M21 is the lining and the attachment of the elastic cord. The #M20 doesn’t have a lining, the foot is in direct contact with the Vibram and the elastic cord is subject to a faster wear and tear due to the direct contact with the ground.

The #M21 has a synthetic lining that improves breathability and plus, it is washable. The cord is very resistant thanks to a new system of attachment of the cord which reduces early wear and tear.