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Perfect Backpack Trip To Thailand

If you want travel in Asia in backpack style the best place to start is Thailand.

The most exotic trip to southern Asia begins within the luscious landscape of Thailand. The bewitching beauty of Buddhist temples, charming beaches, busy streets with some of the enchanting food options, and a lot more is waiting for you at this retreat abode. Not just that, but the best budgetary and lodging convenience makes it the best location for your next backpack trip.

Now, if it’s your first time in Thailand, you must be thinking of where to go and what to do. Well, this blog is here to help you out with a perfect route to make your trip happening and full of enjoyment. So, let’s dive!!!

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Land to Bangkok

One of the most exciting destinations in Thailand is Bangkok. This capital city is perfect to begin your backpack trip in Thailand. No matter where you are coming from, the well-connected routes in Bangkok allow you to enter into Thailand easily. Despite being a fresh start point for your trip, Bangkok has some classic places you can visit, for instance, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Khao San road, and can roam around China Town to get a feel of your trip in Thailand.

Visit Sukothai

Next stop in your trip is Sukothai, which is another interesting place just 369 km away from Bangkok. You can take a train or bus as per your choice. Sukothai is one of the two famous temple ruins in Thailand. Another one is Ayutthaya, which is also beautiful. However, if you are seeking peace and serenity, then Sukothai is the place you should go to.

Travel to Chiang Rai

Here you go to a location, that is pure bliss in the beauty of Thailand. The majestic white temple is a blend of psychedelic inspirations with impressions of hell. You can easily spend two days over here while appreciating the beauty of this magnificent white temple. You can reach Chiang Rai via bus, train, or car; the journey will be around 7 hours from Sukothai.

The charm of Chiang Mai

The next destination on the list is Chiang Mai, which is the biggest city in northern Thailand. If you are a food lover, then this is the place to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. Along with amazing noodles and curry, you can dive into some engaging activities as well. Motorbiking and night shopping are some of the best things to do. If you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to spectate the Yi Peng Lantern Festival, which happens in November, or play in the glee of the Songkran water festival that happens in April.

Mesmerize in Pai

It would take just a 2.5-hour journey to reach Pai from Chaing Mai by bus. The hilly region of Pai is the best place for motorbike lovers. Apart from that, people can also enjoy a serene session of Yoga and other backpack enjoyment to people. Even, for vegetarian people, it is one of the best places to visit.

Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash

So, that was all in today’s blog. These spots and the route is a fun adventure for people willing to explore the real Thailand. Well, its no wonder that Thailand has got much more, but for the first timer backpackers, this is the trip you were wanting. So, what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and unleash a journey filled with beauty and amusement.