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The minimalist sandals for men Nörd (except the model Nörd Skin that have leather sole) can be washed with just water and soap without worrying to damage them. Nörd sandals are thought for travelling that’s why we find it very important to make them easy to clean.

Why washing the sandals: any kind of sandals tends to gather particles of sweat on the sole the latter being organic or non organic. So for hygienic purposes it is recommended to wash them. It is also advised to wash them if you feel they smell bad due to normal foot sweating.

How to wash the sandals: leave the sandals in the water for a while and rub the foot facing side with some soap to clean off any dirt. If the dirt doesn’t go away with just rubbing, try using a brush. The laces can be washed as well.

How often: It really depends how often you use them.

Sandalias minimalistas hombre Nörd Zero

Minimalist sandals for men Nörd Zero