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Last summer a guy from Germany, Florian Dresen, contacted us wishing to buy the  Nörd Ubud sandals (at that time we didn’t sell abroad yet) and it was our first sale to Germany. What we really enjoyed about this particular purchase is that Florian managed to solve a problem he had with the sandals.

It might be hard to make the sandals fit to each type of feet and his solution was brilliant. He used an elastic lace in the front part. An incredible hack that was very practical, and moreover, Florian sent us a detailed tutorial of the modifications he made to the sandals that we share with you here.

Many thanks Florian! You are now a Nörd Master;)

These days we are working on a new version of Nörd struggling to improve the detail Florian shared with us, because, as we mentioned before, it might get hard to adjust the sandal to fit perfectly to each kind of feet. So what we are doing now is creating a system that has a better grip to any foot, new sizes and better fitting.

So these are the things that make a person special and we believe there are many more people like Florian.

And by the way Flo, we did know that one of the buckles was an emergency whistle 😉