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Know your sandals

Don’t fit?

The big toe come very fair or out of sole…

The big toe comes very fair

If your big toe comes very close to the front of the sandals keep in mind that, taking them, your foot will move in a short time back 5mm.

The big toe comes out of the sole

If your big toe sticks out means it’s not your size, you should choose a higher one.
Contact us to change them.
Remember: you can the return if you have not used the sandals.

Wash your sandals once in a while?

Yes, it is advisable to wash the sandals from time to time, this allows us to maintain the hygiene of our feet and remove a layer of dirt that is usually done after a few weeks or a few mountain walks. Washing them is very simple, the sandals are totally waterproof, you can put them under the tap with a little soap and if you want to help with a brush.

Wichtig: Mit kaltem Wasser waschen – nicht in der Sonne trocknen